Looking for a last minute Christmas gift?

We got you covered.


Alias: AKA Jessica Jones, Vol. 1 (Bendis/Gaydos)- Inspiration for the popular Netflix ‘n Chill binge-watch, Alias chronicles the bone-crushing cases of foul-mouthed investigator Jessica Jones. 25

Criminal: Last of the Innocent (Brubaker/Phillips)- True gem from the reigning kings of crime, this entry in the Criminal universe uses tropes of classic Archie comics to tell a one-of-a-kind story of betrayal and murder. 15

Kinski (Hardman)- Gorgeous b&w book telling the heartrending story of a man and his dog. 15

The Last Musketeer (Jason)- Beautiful full-color from Norway’s Jason. Poignant, exciting, and very funny. 13

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