Saturday Morning Mix Tape Contest


Saturday Morning “Mix Tape” Contest:

What you need: A Facebook account and a Spotify account.

What you can win: Your Spotify playlist “Mix Tape” will play in the restaurant during the Saturday brunch of the week you enter. You also get a Chicken and Waffles brunch (for up to two people) free at that same Saturday brunch.*

How it Works: Friend us on Facebook here. Create a Spotify playlist for brunch at Queens Comfort following the criteria below. On Sunday, we will post a message on Facebook telling you where to place the link to your Spotify playlist submission. Place the link in the comments section below the message by Monday evening of that week. After our judges review all of the submissions, the winner will be announced that Wednesday evening, so that you can plan your schedule accordingly and be with us on Saturday to claim your prize. We’ll post a message announcing the winner in that same comments section, so you should get a notification on Facebook.

Criteria: Create a Spotify playlist of about 2 hours in length. Saturday Brunch at Queens Comfort should have a fun, upbeat, funky, yet chill-party type atmosphere in the dining room. Use “rock” (in its many different forms) from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, maybe even a little 90s stuff, to create that ambiance. Be dynamic and creative with the song choices as well as the order of the tunes (like an old mix tape). Bonus points will be awarded to those who exhibit extensive knowledge of music by including obscure artists and/or b-side tracks of artists; however, we surely welcome all participants – this is really just for fun after all! And we love covers and dance-craze songs too. Here’s an example that we wanna hear

*Additional orders (i.e. starters, dessert, & drinks) are not included

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